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Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Endometriosis is a condition when a tissue which usually grows inside the uterus, is found growing outside the uterus in abnormal places. for eg., ovaries etc.

Whenever the patient has menstrual cycles, this tissue also bleeds. This bleeding heals but form adhesions. So finally endometriosis results in restricted mobility of both sides of the fallopiantubes and there may be severe adhesions between ovaries, tubes, uterus and even intestines.

How can it present clinically?

During menstrual cycles, patients suffering from endometriosis may have severe pain. They may have pain during   intercourse and may also present with infertility (or) chronic lower abdominal pain.

How to manage an unmarried girl with endometriosis?

As said earlier, whenever the girl menstruates, she bleeds in ectopic endometrial tissues.  So   our medical management aims at reducing the number of cycles and to control the progress of the disease till she gets marrie.

Can all endometriosis be diagnosed using ultrasound?

No all endometriosis patients cannot be diagnosed by ultrasound unless it is an ovarian   endometriosis .Many a time; we diagnose endometriosis intra operatively, when a patient undergoes laparoscopy for treatment of infertility.

What is the advice given to previously diagnosed endometriosis patients who got newly married?

We advice them to plan for family early and not to postpone conception as the disease progresses during every cycle.         

What are the modalities of treatment available for management of endometriosis?

Both surgical and medical management.

Regarding medical management, we have GnRH analogue injections which we can use limitedly and tablets to be taken for a few months.

A female who has completed her family and having endometriosis, needs to be treated (or) not?

Even though the female has completed her family she needs to be treated if symptomatic like pain (or) any other symptoms due to adhesions.

What are the modalities of treatment for a female who has finished family and is having endometriosis? 

Surgical---3D Laparoscopy-Removal of cyst alone
 Removal of uterus and ovaries if both are damaged
Medical – oral contraceptive pills
                          Intra uterine devices like mirena
                       Dinogest  tablets


       Contact your gynaecologist for

  •   Painful  periods
  •   Painful  inter course
  •   Heavy prolonged  periods
  •   Inability to conceive
  •   Pain abdomen
  •   Back pain.

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