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Monday, 11 January 2016



In the generations gone by no one might have ever thought of investigating the factors that influence fertility, this may be because their lifestyle hardly made it an issue. A sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy food habits and late marriages have made Weight, Age and Exercise an integral part of fertility issues.
The adverse effects of weight, age and lack of exercise are all reversible. It is up to women who are to understand the effects and take appropriate action. 
Here are a few pointers that can set you on the right track to fertility and good health.

Control Your Weight
Any woman planning to have a baby should be conscious of her weight and have a tight rein on it. This can be easily done by controlling the food you eat. Highly nutritious food that has less of fat and carbohydrates can work wonderfully for you. Overweight not only interferes with fertility it also brings complications in pregnancy. If you are overweight then it is best to reduce body weight before you conceive.

Similarly, underweight also influences fertility. Women suffering from anorexia tend to have their menstrual cycle disrupted which reduces the chances of becoming pregnant.

The ideal BMI for conception is between 20 – 25.

Consider Your Age
In women the peak fertility age is early 20’s and as they age and become 35 – 40 years their chances of getting pregnant reduces drastically. The same applies to men also, where their testosterone levels drop as they age and the volume and count of their sperms also drop. If the couple are in their early 20s chances of getting pregnant is high.

Effects of Exercise
It is now a well-known fact that exercise makes human life much more fruitful. The same is true of fertility. For those men and women who want to conceive it is advisable to exercise regularly. Care should be taken not to indulge in strenuous exercise especially by women because strenuous exercise affects ovulation cycles and thus the chance of getting pregnant decreases.

Normal exercise has not been observed to disrupt pregnancy, but exercise that strain you like high impact sports or scuba diving should be avoided especially during pregnancy. In men very strenuous exercise will definitely affect the sperm count.

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