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Monday, 24 April 2017


For Female fertility the main negative factor is weight. Over weight can cause many hormonal changes which will affect fertility

If you roughly want to calculate your ideal body weight find your height in cms that value minus 100 is your ideal body weight For example your height is 150cms then your ideal body weight is 150cms-100 = 50kg We can’t expect miracle to happen all the time, a 70kg female cant suddenly reduce her weight to 50kg she just need to reduce 5% of weight i.e. 4kg in a 80kg female which can increase the blood supply to the ovaries by 10 times Naturally after weight reduction particularly in PCOS women, the growth of follicles (egg) used to be excellent after weight reduction.
In case of lean polycystic ovaries women. Even though we don’t aim at weight reduction, walking for 45mins to 1hr can very well reduce the meculin resistance, which is the basic pathology of PCOS In case of eggs also, the second main negative factor is free oxygen radical so take plenty of antioxidants in the form of fresh fruit vegetable and sprout Avoid fat food which itself can produce a negative hormonal effect against fertility Try to indulge in yoga medication acupuncture etc. as stress itself can produce negative hormonal effect.
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