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Friday, 2 January 2015

In vitro fertilisation (IVF)

               ABOUT IVF
                            IVF is one of the several assisted reproductive technologies (ART)  used to help   infertile couple and conceive a child. Approximately 20 percent of couples have fertility difficulties.

                            IVF is a term fertilising eggs with sperm outside of human body. Once the eggs      are fertilised, the resulting of embryos are placed in the women’s uterus in the hope that successful pregnancy will follow.  

                                                     There are several steps to follow
o   Stimulating the ovaries
o   Collecting the eggs
o   Fertilisation
o   Embryo transfer

                  STIMULATING OVARIES 
·         Hormones are usually given to stimulate ovaries procedure Usual more than one egg per cycle.This is to enable collection of several eggs.
·         Development of these eggs monitored by blood test and ultra sound ensure eggs are collected at the right time.

                   COLLECTING THE EGGS
·         When the time comes to collecting the eggs an ultra will be placed in the vagina while women under light sedation. The ultra sound where the follicles are within the ovaries.
·         A fine needle passed through the vaginal wall and into the ovaries. Each follicle in the ovary is pierced in the order to collect its eggs.
                                                   A couple of hours after eggs collecting, A man provide sample of
                          Saman. In a standard IVF treatment, the eggs are mixed with the sperm in a               
                        Culture dish. For intracytoplasmic  sperm injection treatment one sperm injected
                        Directly into the cytoplasm  egg.
                     EMBRYO TRANSFER
                                                        Once the embryos grow to a predetermined size, one or two
                      Will be transfer back to the women’s uterus in appropriate time in her menstrual

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